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Remote viewing experience - try your sixth sense live

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Doba trvání: 86 min
Cena: EUR 8.99
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Stephan Schwartz gives an insight to the world of remote viewing and non-local consciousness.

Technical requirement for participating in the experiment:

pen, paper, a camera to take pictures, or a scan

What you will be asked to do:

-let yourself be guided by Stephan Schwartz.
-draw the images what comes to your mind during the experiment.
-take a picture, or scan it.
-we will provide an email address at the beginning of the show and you can send your drawing to Stephan Schwartz.
We will see how close you get to the original object of the experiment.

Remote Viewing Experiment

The New Reality of Nonlocal Consciousness

In his 2 hour presentation Schwartz, speaking from 40 years of experimental scientific research, as well as long personal study, will take you into the world of non-local consciousness. He will guide those in the studio and online through an actual experience of the part of our consciousness that is not limited by time or space. You will learn techniques of remote viewing and, then, have the experience of obtaining information you should not be able to know. In his presentation Schwartz will give a detailed overview of non-local consciousness research, including remote viewing and therapeutic intention/healing, showing its role in creative genius, spiritual epiphany, and the experimental world of science.

During the presentation Schwartz will answer questions from the audience sent in through the internet.

The New Series - Perception 2.0 *****

Interactive experiments, demonstrations on PSI phenomena`s

Can we see the future? Does Telepathy really exist? Has our Mind got any effect on Matter?

Our mission is to make the 21st century viewers overcome their internal barriers, and realize that the nature of reality can not be scientifically explained all the time. We wish to demonstrate that the mind interacts with the structure of the universe and the laws of physics, as We are All part of the cosmos. So, we as Human Species need to take a big step to discover our real potentials!

Therefor we start this series, which will try to demonstrate the followings:

Proving that information can be communicated across the solar system instantaneously. This means that Einstein was wrong, and it is possible to go faster than light.
Can telepathy really work?
Mind - Matter - Human interaction - does it really exist?
Distant healing - how?

Call for participation:

Have you got special experience in these subject`s? Do you know someone who possess any of these skills?
Please contact us sending a short intro and description to : info@esoguru.com

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