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The Spiritual World of the Kogi Mamos

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The Tribal Messenger of the Kogi Mamos Speaks Out

During this unique event Esoguru.com took an interview with Kogi Jacinto Zarabata, representative of the Kogi Mamos, who for the first time visited Western society to speak out.

Alan Ereira, the Director of the first film about the Kogi Mamos For the first time in human history a representative of the untouched civilization, the Kogis visits Western Society to speak out. The Kogi are the last surviving civilization from the world of the Inca and Aztec.

Kogi Jacinto Zarabata gave an interview to Esoguru.com, during a live online broadcast. This very special event was hosted by Alan Ereira, the Director of the first film about the Kogis called From the Heart of the World: The Elder Brother's Warning.

Hidden from the modern world, the Kogi are revered by other Native Americans from the Amazon to the Hudson River. Today's Guatemalan Maya are led by men who were sent as children to be trained by the Kogi.  The Seminole people, a native American tribe in  Florida send offerings to them.

They are profoundly frightened by what we are doing to the world, but also well aware that we have no understanding of the forces which we are unleashing. They believe that the only hope of survival for mankind is if we can learn why they are so scared, and they know that we will only believe what we can see.

The Mamos understand that they have to do this because humanity is wantonly destroying sacred sites for profit. They want to show how and why the resulting eruption of chaotic cosmic energy causes climate change, epidemics of new diseases, geological instability and a relentless increase in murderous conflict.

If the Kogi are right, then modern humans have to change how they perceive the Earth itself, and how they try to engineer the future.

The Kogi say that without thought, nothing could exist. This is a problem, because we are not just plundering the world, we are dumbing it down, destroying both the physical structure and the thought underpinning of existence.

The Kogi believe that they live in order to care for the world and keep its natural order functioning, but they recognized some years ago that this task was being made impossible by our mining and deforestation.

Come join us for this unprecedented opportunity to learn about the latest message of the Kogi people - before it is too late...

The Kogi keep apart because they truly believe that they are responsible for maintaining the balance of life between the material world and the transcendental space they call ‘'ALUNA'', the source of life and intelligence.

The Kogi revealed their life and their latest message. This was a landmark step for the Kogi, of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Colombia who believe that they are the Elder Brothers of humanity and that they must speak now to avoid international environmental and climatic catastrophe.

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Kogi Jacinto ZarabataKogi Jacinto Zarabata Kogi Messenger Jacinto Zarabata is an official representative of the Kogi Mamos. The Mamos are the leaders of the Kogi society. Children who are chosen to become Mamo (means shaman) are committed to an initiation process lasting several years.

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