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2012 – Secrets of the Mayan Calendar

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Mayan calendar says the next level of consciousness will culminate on October 28, 2011

Watch Calleman's lecture and learn less known facts about The Mayan Calendar which is coming to an end, though the astronomical cycles will continue.

Interest in the Mayan calendar has surged in recent years as a result of the interest in the year 2012. This has prompted investigations into the nature of this calendar that has revealed a hitherto unknown understanding of the cosmos as evolving according to a cosmic plan. In fact the Mayan calendar has turned out to be the missing piece of the puzzle that allows us to see the connections between all things and ourselves as co-creators in a large-scale evolutionary scheme. The Mayan calendar rewrites history and the very origin of the universe and its life, which can now be seen to be purposeful and directed.

What is The Mayan Calendar?

As our world is slipping into what seems like chaos and anarchy of an unprecedented scale many are now asking questions like: "Where does the Mayan calendar come from?" "Who were the Maya who developed this knowledge of time?" and most importantly "Why would anyone care about the Mayan calendar?"

Unique perception of time'

To give an answer to the last question we need to be able to describe what makes it special. In fact the Mayan calendar is based on an entirely different perception of time than the other calendars of the world. While other calendars like the Christian, Muslim, Jewish or Buddhist calendars are based on astronomical cycles such as the earth's revolution around the sun or the moons revolution around the Earth the prophetic Mayan calendar system is not. This is obvious from the very fact that while the Mayan calendar is coming to an end the astronomical cycles will continue indefinitely.

The level of consciousness will culminate on October 28, 2011
What has been shown is that the shifts between cosmic energies in the Mayan calendar describe paradigm shifts in cosmic history including notably in later millennia changes in human thinking and creativity. Hence, the Mayan calendar describes energies emanating from the center of the universe that determine the evolution of consciousness. Rather than an "end" to the calendar Calleman describes a climb to higher and higher levels of consciousness that will culminate on the date October 28, 2011 as measured by the Gregorian calendar. Because consciousness is one of the most fundamental aspects of the human being all aspects of human history are thus affected by the shifts in the Mayan calendar, including the evolution of music, dance, art, technology, religion, economics and many other.

The nine-storied pyramid

The reason that we may be certain that the calendar system of the Maya is prophetic and provides a purposeful direction to evolution is that several patterns can be discovered in its design, patterns that verify that a divine plan is at work that potentially gives meaning to our lives. The most important metaphor for the calendrical system of the Maya is the nine-storied pyramid where each level symbolizes a level of consciousness developed by a wave or what is sometimes called an underworld.

The Tortuguero monument 6

Thus, the only existing inscription from ancient times about what will happen when the calendar comes to an end does not speak about a galactic alignment, not about a pole shift, not about the arrival of the planet X and not about solar flares. Instead this inscription that is called Tortuguero monument 6 talks about the appearance of the nine-storied pyramid god as the calendar comes to an end. What this means is that the calendar is now about to culminate with the ninth wave of evolution of unity consciousness.

The only way for a new world

What the Mayan calendar teaches us however is that there will be no return to the political economical or religious systems of the past and that the only way that a new world can be born is out of chaos and that this will allow us an unprecedented opportunity to create a world of love.

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Carl Johan CallemanCarl Johan Calleman He is the only professional scientist who demonstrate that the evolution of biology, history and consciousness reflects the Mayan calendar. This body of work has been presented in three internationally published books that are fundamental to the understanding of the big picture and actual significance of the Mayan calendar. As a world renowned expert on the Mayan calendar he has lectured in twenty countries on this topic.

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